5 mm channel

Main channel

Pneumatic system

11/12 mm channel

Lateral Luer-lock
CO2 entrance

Top cover with 3 channels

The lateral luer-lock system of the cover can be connected to the pump to maintain the pneumorectum pressure; or leave the Clear Luer-Lock cap if wanting to create pneumorectum with air through the endoscope.

Introducer ring

Introducer ring

4 cm diameter ring, offers access and visibility without damaging the anorectal channel of the patient. The tabs allow to fix the device to the patient’s skin by suture.


5 mm and 12 mm plugs

Designed to cover the working channels if not in use.


Three-way stopcock

20 ml syringe and extension tube with Three-way stopcock

They allow to inflate and deflate the pneumatic system to easily introduce, remove and adjust the flexible endoscope or rigid optics.